Hi there!

Welcome to my portfolio site. My name is Todd Ohanian and I'm a software engineer. Here you can find a small collection of projects I've worked on independently. For a complete list of my professional work, have a look at my most up-to-date CV.

Interested in sharing an opportunity? Drop a line at toddohanian@gmail.com.

Projects & Demos

Everything Is Everything NYCReviews of 200+ bagel shops in New York with an interactive map.
Everything Is Everything NYC
Highley VarletA blog chronicling a couple’s journey as they walk a marathon every week through the five borough’s of NYC.
Highley Varlet
JS SortingA visualization of sorting algorithms in JavaScript.
JS Sorting
SigilsA meme image generator for creating Game of Thrones style house sigils.
google-font-inlinerJavaScript utility that fetches and encodes a Google font for inlining in JSX.
Simple Stopwatch
Simple Stopwatch